Volk 20D Bio Lens

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  • High magnification provides excellent views of the optic disc and macula
  • With presentation case
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Ideal for General Diagnostics 

The clarity and precision of the Volk 20D BIO Lens make it a gold standard. In fact, this lens may be the most recognized lens around the world because it began the tradition of double aspheric lenses for BIO. It offers excellent field of view and magnification for the Volk 20d Bio Lens. And with a working distance of 50 mm, you’ll have a comfortable experience manipulating the lens. In addition to serving as a first line diagnosis tool, this lens is ideal for high-level central retinal examinations.

    • 46° / 60° field of view
    • 3.13x image magnification
    • 0.32x laser spot magnification
    • 50 mm working distance
    • Perfect balance of magnification and field of view for general diagnostic exams
    • Also available in autoclave sterilizable (ACS®) design or single-use design

Step into a world of precision and clarity with our gold-standard BIO lenses. From our first-generation Classic Series with its patented double-aspheric design to our next-level Digital Series with advanced lens technology, our lenses offer unparalleled image quality, enhanced stereopsis, and reduced reflections. Trust Volk’s legacy of optical excellence for accurate diagnoses and enhanced clinical outcomes.

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