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We will visit your store on request and follow a 1 hour Lab Health Check of your equipment to make sure the following areas have been checked.

Our registered NIDEK engineers will provide a report after the visit with any issues listed for your equipment and any next steps needed.

If you are looking for more information on your lab equipment, see our Lens Edging division portfolio here

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Birmingham Optical Lab Health Check

Lens Edging:

  • Visual Check
    • Grinding Chamber, Wheels, Feelers, Seals, Belt, Pipes
  • Functional Checks
    • Button/ Touch Screen, Wheel Rotation, Carriage Movement, SFB Movement/ Rotation, Drill Movement/ Rotation, Water Flow, Sizing/ Axis Check, Emergency Stop


  • Visual Check
    • Overall Tracer
  • Functional Checks
    • Stylus/ Supra Pin Movement
    • Frame Clamps
    • Sizing Check


  • Visual Check
    • Tracer, Blocking Assembly
  • Functional Checks
    • Tracer as above, Buttons/ Touch Screen Illumination, Blocking Arm Movement,  Cup Holder Retention

Robots & Lensmeters:

  • Visual
    • Robots, Suction Cup, Air Lines
  • Functional Checks
    • Arm Movements, Stacker/ Conveyor Movements, Pick up/ Put down Positions, Vacuum, Lensmeter


To find out more and to book you Lab Health Check please contact our Service team on 0808 123 2020 (option 4) or [email protected]