Working together to support your Laboratory needs

Our registered NIDEK engineers will provide a report after the visit with any issues listed for your equipment and any next steps needed.

We will visit your store on request and follow a 1 hour check of your Lab Equipment to make sure the following areas have been checked:


  • Visual Check
    • Grinding Chamber, Wheels, Feelers, Seals, Belt, Pipes
  • Functional Checks
    • Button/ Touch Screen, Wheel Rotation, Carriage Movement, SFB Movement/ Rotation, Drill Movement/ Rotation, Water Flow, Sizing/ Axis Check, Emergency Stop


  • Visual Check
    • Overall Tracer
  • Functional Checks
    • Stylus/ Supra Pin Movement
    • Frame Clamps
    • Sizing Check


  • Visual Check
    • Tracer, Blocking Assembly
  • Functional Checks
    • Tracer as above, Buttons/ Touch Screen Illumination, Blocking Arm Movement,  Cup Holder Retention


  • Visual
    • Robots, Suction Cup, Air Lines
  • Functional Checks
    • Arm Movements, Stacker/ Conveyor Movements, Pick up/ Put down Positions, Vacuum, Lensmeter

To find out more and to book please contact our Service team on 0808 123 2020 (option 4) or