1 General

1.1 This Guarantee by Birmingham Optical is valid only in the country of sale and applies to the item of equipment to which these Conditions of Guarantee are attached, or with which these Conditions of Guarantee are issued. Copies of these Conditions of Guarantee are available on request from Birmingham Optical.

1.2 This Guarantee is fully transferable (for the balance of the Guarantee Period) to subsequent owners of the item of equipment, provided change of ownership is notified in writing to Birmingham Optical prior to said transfer.

1.3 Subject to the Exclusions and Conditions set out below, Birmingham Optical guarantees that the item of equipment will be repaired free of charge, in respect of materials and labour in the event of any component defect becoming apparent during the Guarantee Period (See ‘Validation’ below).

1.4 Birmingham Optical reserve the right to dispose of customer items submitted for repair and subsequently found to be beyond economical repair. This action will be taken only if authorised by the customer or if customer does not accept and fund product return within six weeks of submission of repair evaluation.

1.5 Please note that we are not obliged to accept your order or offer you credit terms. No contract is made with the customer until goods are dispatched.


2 Exclusions and conditions

Note. Any accessories supplied with the item of equipment have only a 1 year Guarantee (no matter what Guarantee is applicable to the item of equipment). Faults or unsatisfactory performance that can be attributable to any of the following are excluded from the Guarantee:

2.1 Those which can be remedied by adjustments to the end user.

2.2 Damage to the item of equipment, result of an accident, misuse, physical abuse or Act of God.

2.3 Those which are due to fair wear and tear (such as edging wheels).

2.4 In relation to items purchased from a third party on behalf of a customer, should the unit fail or suffer damage or malfunction, Birmingham Optical will accept no liability to replace or repair any parts.


3 Validation

3.1 At the time of sale Birmingham Optical will have entered the appropriate Guarantee details on its Warranty Validation Database thereby avoiding any requirement for end user registration.

3.2 Guarantee Extensions / Enhancements issued by Birmingham Optical are covered by these same ‘Conditions of Guarantee’.


4 How to claim

4.1 In the event of any defect becoming apparent with the item of equipment during the Guarantee Period, you should contact Birmingham Optical on 0808 123 2020 who will arrange repair of product.

4.2 Provision of loan instrumentation, where offered, is strictly subject to availability and is for repair times in excess of five days, for critical equipment. Where possible the loan instrument will be the same as the repair instrument, but we reserve the right to offer alternative instrumentation as applicable and available.


5 Prices and payment

5.1 Prices quoted do not include VAT and delivery.

5.2 We accept payment by bank transfer, cheque or credit card.

5.3 Goods bought on credit must be paid for within 30 days from date of invoice.

5.4 We remain owners of the goods until full payment has been received. We will repossess any goods or sue for the entire price for goods not paid for within our terms.

5.5 Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002, we can exercise our statutory right to charge interest and an administrative fee on all overdue invoices.

5.6 If incorrect invoice details have been stated and an amendment is required, there will be an administration/penalty charge.

5.7 If goods are to be financed by a third party, this must be stated before the goods have been delivered/invoiced

6 Delivery

6.1 There is a charge for all deliveries. Birmingham Optical operates a standard next day delivery for items in stock. Standard delivery is to suitable ground floor reception or stores areas. Please notify in advance if there are any special delivery requirements as there may be an additional charge.

6.2 If the goods do not arrive, are incomplete, are the wrong goods or are damaged when you open them, you must contact the Sales Administration Department within 5 working days of receipt of delivery.

7 Returns and cancellations

7.1 It is the customer’s responsibility to check the goods on delivery. Birmingham Optical will only accept return of faulty goods notified within 5 working days of delivery.

7.2 If faulty goods are to be returned the customer must obtain an SRO (Sales Return Order) from the Sales Administration department. The SRO will be valid for 28 days. Collection of the goods will be arranged at no expense to the customer. Item/s to be collected must be made available for collection in their original packaging together with all accessories.

Note – Birmingham Optical will not accept unauthorised returns which do not have an SRO.

7.3 The customer cannot cancel an order accepted by Birmingham Optical, unless agreed in writing by an authorised representative of Birmingham Optical.

7.4 We do not accept returns of items considered as ‘specially purchased’ under customer request.

7.5 Goods may be returned at the discretion of Birmingham Optical and if the item has not been removed from packaging, unused and in perfect condition. There will be a 10% handling charge of the purchase price (or £20 whichever is greater, excludes lenses) plus a collection charge if the customer does not have an account with a courier. The original carriage will not be refunded.


8 Guarantee and Cover Plan

8.1 ‘Cover Plan’ is agreed as a rolling contract, the onus for amendments to the contract is the customer liability.

8.2 All prices quoted are per year and exclude VAT.

8.3 We reserve the right to charge for emergency call outs irrespective of the level of cover, if Birmingham Optical deems that the fault is the result of operator error, accidental or malicious damage, unauthorised repair attempt or failure of a user maintainable part (e.g. bulb, fuse etc).

8.4 All spare parts supplied under contractual obligation or purchased are supplied with 3 months warranty (no matter what Guarantee is applicable to the item of equipment.)

8.5 Instruments that are deemed by Birmingham Optical staff­ to be either hazardous or beyond economical repair will be advised to the customer and if required a quotation will be issued for replacement instrumentation taking account of any trade-in values when applicable.

8.6 O­ffered discount pricing on spare parts refers to percentage discounts from our listed retail pricing and does not include consumable items.

8.7 Damage that may arise due to replacing fuses with a higher rating than recommended is not covered by this contract.

8.8. Damage that may arise due to improper or non use of transportation bolts and locking plates when moving equipment is not covered by this contract.

8.9 Instrument Calibration Certificates are off­ered in good faith, and in accordance with either published Standards, or manufacturer’s recommendations. The issue of a certificate does not extend any warranty as to the future performance of the instruments, but is indicative of the calibrated values at the time of the test.

8.10. Contract maintenance cover with calibration for tonometers and field devices is limited to instruments supplied by Birmingham Optical.

8.11 Software support package includes software upgrade provision, provided that such an upgrade does not constitute a new release, in which case we reserve the right to off­er as a chargeable upgrade.

8.12 At the commencement of a Software package remote access can be provided on request. To benefit from this service, we require access to an ‘always on’ broadband connection connected to the p.c. which the software is installed. This is to be installed and maintained at the user’s expense.

8.13 Users are strongly advised to back-up files for computer supported instruments on a regular basis. In the event of a drive or hard disk failure, we will do our utmost to retrieve the data, but such attempted retrieval is chargeable and is not guaranteed irrespective of the age of the equipment.

8.14 Loading of other software systems alongside Birmingham Optical supplied software is NOT recommended, and we cannot guarantee the integrity or operational status of the systems if this occurs.

The following is applicable to Nidek edging systems only;

8.15 Cost of lens items damaged due to machine failure will not be considered for refund by Birmingham Optical.

8.16 Grinding wheels are not covered by any contract.

8.17 Specifics not covered by contract;

Flood damage to any Nidek system due to blocked grinding chamber areas or waste outlets.

Failure of internal solenoids/regulators/suction pads (RHU) due to contaminated air supply.

Failure of tracer units where the snapping of stylus/shaft is due to improper use.

Failure of tracer units due to debris entering the internal area of the stylus driver mechanism.

Breakage to feeler tips due to improper use of edging system (i.e. Measuring of Executive or Bi concave lenses in standard mode)

8.18 Any item of equipment may be void of guarantee if calibrating procedure is not carried out as specified in manufactures operating manual.

8.19 Unauthorised alterations to factory settings on any item of equipment will exclude the item from guarantee.