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NIDEK OCT Retina Duo Scan

The NIDEK high definition OCT offers clinical excellence
in a compact easy to use device.
One great compact system - an OCT and colour fundus camera combined

NIDEK ARK-F Auto Refractometer

This changes your “standard” with its smooth, fully-automatic
and precise measurement , in addition to the conventional accurate
measurement while requiring no direct operation.

NIDEK SE9090 & RHU Stacker System

Just Load it and Leave it - the only social
distancing internal lab lens edging system, which
balances high productivity and the ultimate
lens processing quality

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Statement Regarding Current Operations During C19 Outbreak

Dear all,

Following the announcement last night we appreciate the landscape has dramatically changed today, for at least the next 3 weeks.

For those practices which remain open supplying emergency services, we are here to support you and are maintaining a limited number for engineers support over this period.

All other sales and service requests will still be logged so we are in a position to deploy as soon as the situation changes.

Please be assured we are still holding our 2019 pricing and will not review this in the current situation.

We are using our time wisely to enhance and expand our services to you including development of our training and CET platform which can currently be accessed at

We also have our OCT forum for further support and peer group opinions, you can sign up and join on

On our daily update meetings we will respond to feedback from those using the platform to enhance and prioritise your needs, so please feedback on for further support.
Our thoughts are with you and your families at this difficult time.

We care passionately about preventing sight loss, improving health and the quality of life for everyone.


Arran & Amanda

What's happening at Birmingham Optical

Statement from our Director of Medical and Education

Recent weeks have seen significant global changes to people’s lives due to the novel coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2. The disease it causes, Covid-19, has had devastating effect and has brought many health care...

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