NIDEK Al-Scan M Optical Biometer

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  • Measurement with the Al-Scan M
  • Data integration with the MV-1 Myopia Viewer
  • Patient education
  • Follow up myopia report
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The First Piece for Myopia Management – The Key Piece for Success

Clinical and scientific literature indicates that axial length is an excellent parameter to predict and monitor the progression of myopia. Hence, optical biometers are considered essential for myopia management. As most facilities already have an auto refractometer, you can immediately begin myopia management with the AL-Scan M and the MV-1 Myopia Viewer software.

Why Myopia Management now?

The increasing prevalence of myopia especially among young children is becoming a significant global health concern. Managing myopia or myopic progression can reduce the risk of severe vision loss and increase the long-term quality of life for these patients.

Is Biometry needed for guiding Myopia Management?

Yes, by measuring axial length, the progression of myopia can be monitored to allow for appropriate interventions. Assessing refraction only provides half the picture.

Why the AL-Scan M is an essential first piece for your Myopia Management practice?

  • Simply add it to your practice and your platform is ready for Myopia Management.
  • Easy. Quick. Accurate.
  • Visualize progression and treatment outcomes.

Operation flow with the AL-Scan M

Patient and parent history taking

An operator can create a patient card with the MV-1 Myopia Viewer software by entering items such as presence of parental myopia as it can be a risk factor for myopia in children.

Measurement with the AL-Scan M

A simple 3-step process:

  1. Rough alignment with the joystick
  2. 3D auto tracking and auto shot
  3. Measurement result display and check. The operator can save and transfer the result into the MV-1 by clicking one button.

Data integration with the MV-1

Data integration between the AL-Scan M and the MV-1 is simple:
After measurement, the operator can integrate the result with the existing patient list on the MV-1. If a NIDEK autorefractor is connected, the MV-1 can receive the refraction data seamlessly. Alternatively, refraction data can be manually entered.

Patient education

Measurements over time can be monitored and compared with the growth curve (trend data). The MV-1 software allows clinicians to educate the patients and their parents on the level of myopia compared to an age-matched population and the expected progression according to the growth curves. This information enables a discussion of the treatment options for managing myopia. Axial length data can be displayed with various items, such as refraction data and the amount of outdoor/near vision activities.

Follow up

A take-home Myopia Report can allow patients to follow their results over time. This report will facilitate a better understanding of why they need treatments and to make lifestyle changes as necessary.




Optical measurement

Axial length:
Measurement range: 14 to 40mm
Display increments: 0.01mm
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.05mm
Measurement method: Low-coherence interferometry (LCI)

Corneal curvature radius:
Measurement range: 5.00 to 13.00 mm
Display increments: 0.01 mm
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.05mm

Pupil size:
Measurement range: 1 to 10 mm
Display increments: 0.01 mm
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.2 mm

Auto tracking: X-Y-Z directions

Auto shot: Available

Display: Tiltable 8.4-inch colour LCD touch screen

Printer: Thermal line printer with automatic paper cutter

Interface: LAN, USB

Power supply: 100 to 240v AC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 100 VA

Dimensions: 283 (W) x 504 (D) x 457 (H) mm / 21kg, 11.1 (W) x 19.8 (D) x 18.0 (H)” / 46lbs

Myopia Viewer MV-1*1

System requirements

Operating system:
Windows 10 Pro 1607 or later (64bit), Window 11 Pro, Windows Server 2016 Standard (64bit), Windows Server 2019 Standard (64bit), Windows Server 2022 (64bit)
Display: 1280 x 768 or greater
Connectable devices that transmit refraction data and BCVA*2:
Tonoref III, Tonoref II
ARK-1s, ARK-1a, ARK-1, ARK-F
AR-1s, AR-1a, AR-1, AR-F
ARK-560A, ARK-530A, ARK-510A
AR-360A, AR-300A, AR310A
HandyRef-K, HandyRef

*1 A license is required for use of the MV-1. A license is included with the Al-Scan M
*2 Available for the ARK-1s, AR-1s, ARK-560A and AR-360A

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