Volk 90D Lens

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At a glance:
  • Patented double aspheric glass optics provide enhanced imaging
  • Original 90D lens started the slit lamp fundus examination revolution
  • Small diameter ring is ideal for dynamic fundoscopy
  • Outstanding general diagnostic lens, even through small pupils
  • Complete with presentation case
  • More details below

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Ideal for Pan Retinal Exam and Small Pupil Examination

Our Classic Series Volk 90D Lens is the most widely recognized fundoscopy lens and the gold standard in exam rooms around the world and is perfect for general examination and retinal imaging. With its small profile and optical profile, it’s a great lens for undilated retinal exams, and can even get through small pupils.

Volk 90D Lens one of the most advanced double aspheric designs available. Highest resolution imaging paired with advanced anti-reflective coating reduces glare up to 50% compared to traditional coatings, making it the perfect upgrade.

  • 74° / 89° field of view
  • 0.76x image magnification
  • 1.32x laser spot magnification
  • 7 mm working distance
  • Simple to use – an ideal training lens for new students and residents
  • Small diameter ring is excellent for dynamic fundoscopy and easy manipulation within the orbit

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Slit Lamp Lens

Experience top of the line of slit lamp imaging with Volk’s Slit Lamp lenses. Whether you need wide-field visualization or high magnification, our Classic, Super, and Digital Series lenses deliver unmatched performance, allowing for comprehensive retinal examinations with utmost confidence.