Intra Ocular Lenses (IOLs) and Accessories

Hanita Lenses – Intra Ocular Lenses (IOLs) and Accessories

Hanita Lenses works in partnerships with ophthalmologist researchers and other companies to develop and manufacture new products. Hanita Lenses’ strategy focuses on innovation in R&D and technology to ensure the highest quality products for its customers in the medical device ophthalmic market.

Investments in state-of-the-art equipment and technology both in manufacturing and quality control have placed Hanita Lenses as a market leader enabling the company to compete in the fast-changing Intra Ocular Lenses market.

The company’s internal resources are amplified by an international advisory board composed of leading ophthalmic experts from top medical centres and universities, creating an extensive knowledge network.

They believe that everyone deserves to see the world’s beauty. Hanita Lenses invites you to be a leader in the IOLs scene.