The secret to success with the NIDEK OCT

23 January 2018

There’s a reason why the NIDEK OCT is so popular, and that is down to the device boasting such clinically outstanding results as well as being extremely fast and easy to use. At such an eye catching price, it’s not just an OCT you invest in, but a team of experts, CET training and complete support throughout your OCT journey.  The NIDEK OCT allows practices to ensure their investment not only increases return on investment, but enhances the patient journey and puts them at the cutting edge.

Challenge our team – We believe we have everything covered to support and ensure you are making the right decision when investing in OCT. What else is preventing your OCT decision? Come and take the experience for yourself and ask our experts anything – we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Get the complete NIDEK OCT package for only £29,995  take advantage of free delivery, installation and training at 100% Optical