NIDEK YC-200/YC-200 S Plus YAG SLT Lasers

At a glance:
  • Precision treatments with YAG & SLT Lasers
  • Exact Targeting
  • Smooth Operation Workflow
  • Breath shield available
  • More information below...

Right on the Mark

NIDEK, a leading manufacturer of modern YAG lasers, introduces the advanced YAG and SLT combination laser, YC-200 S plus, and the enhanced YAG laser, YC-200. A suite of technologies has been incorporated in these lasers to achieve seamless function and greater precision. Features for targeting pathology, accurate energy delivery, and operative assist functions allow the surgeon to deliver  treatments “Right on the Mark”.

Precise Treatment

RefinedLaserDelivery_YC-200 1

SLT Mode_YC-200 2

Exact Targeting

Field of View YC-200

Precise Aiming Beam

Wide Range of Focus Shift

Smooth Operation Workflow

Optimised Operating Distance

Unique Joystick

Improved Slit Lamp Functionalilty

Control Box & Key Card

YC-200/YC-200 S Plus Laser Systems Specification



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