Volk G4 High Mag Gonio With Flange

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At a glance:
  • Standard Gonio Lens for Static and Dynamic (flange version) Gonioscopy
  • Crispest, clearest imaging with high magnification to appreciate details previously unattainable with Gonio lenses.
  • Four precisely angled mirrors provide full 360° views of the anterior chamber.
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Ideal for Magnified Anterior Chamber Angle Viewing

Take your exams and procedures to the next level with the Volk G-4 High Mag Gonio Lens. Our state-of-the-art four mirror, all-glass design gives you 50% increased image magnification of trabecular meshwork over our classic G-4 Gonio. With superior optics and a Posner-style model, you can easily perform dynamic and indentation gonioscopy with a no flange version and laser trabeculoplasty with a flanged version. Choose from a large ring (28.5 mm) or small ring (25.5 mm) to suit your needs. With this Volk G-4 High Mag Lens you also have the option of a two-position handle (right/left handed).

Unlock the full potential of gonioscopy with Volk’s industry-standard Gonio lenses. We offer a full portfolio to provide the tools you need –whether you’re starting out your practice, expanding your lens range, or searching for a treatment lens –we’re here to empower you throughout your workflow.

      • 4 x 64° mirror angles
      • 1.50x image magnification
      • 0.67x laser spot size
      • 15 mm (flange) / 8.4 mm (no flange) contact diameter
      • No Flange/No Fluid version is ideal for dynamic and indentation/compression gonioscopy
      • Small ring option suits petite hands
      • Posner style handle provides support

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