Ventilette Frame Heater

Product Code: LA0091
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At a glance:
  • High quality frame warmer for adjustment and fitting of spectacles
  • Robust and stable construction, finished in enamelled light ivory finish
  • Smooth running with either warm or cold air.
  • Radio-shielded
  • More details below

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Frame Heater Ventilette an electric hot-air blower for warming plastic etc (spectacle frames – for adjusting and fitting the glasses etc).

Robust and stabile construction Frame Heater Ventilette . Casing and foot of cast light metal, enamelled light ivory finish. Universal motor (for direct and alternating current) elastically supported on rubber buffers. Smooth running. Specially long carbon brushes of motor, therefore long life. Warm and cold air. On-off switch installed on foot. Radio-shielded.

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