Super Hydrophobic Glazing Pad Briot Weco (500)

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At a glance:
  • For use with Briot and Weco type edgers - Pad size 24x30mm
  • An innovative product with two different adhesive systems on either side of a high-density foam.
  • The lens side boasts a distinctive adhesive layer that is compatible with Super Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coatings
  • Whilst the block side adhesive has a modified performance to bond to a wide range of block materials yet still remove cleanly
  • One of the most advanced edging pads on the market today.
  • Please ensure the yellow tab side of the pad is attached to the lens and the red tab side is attached to the block, to ensure proper adhesion
  • Qty 500 per roll

This product is currently out of stock and cannot be ordered

The pad is black and has a tab, one side of the tab is yellow and the other side is red. The yellow side must be attached the lens and the red to the button. The pad will not work correctly if fitted to the lens the wrong way.

Please do not use a surface enhancement pad with this pad.