Oertli OS4 Surgical Platform

At a glance:
  • LASER INTEGRATION: More safety, fully automated user protection filter
  • LIGHT: 45% more power, maximum visbility
  • PEDAL: Multifunctional with over 100 setting options
  • PHACO: Speedier readiness, greater controllability
  • USER COMFORT: Even more user-friendly and communicative

Make the difference – with the OS 4 by Oertli.

The OS 4 surgical platform utilises the laws of physics with the aim of making ophthalmic surgery even safer, easier and more efficient.

The core piece of the device is the 3-pump system with vacuum and flow control and the innovative SPEEP pump that ensures highly precise manoeuvres. The HFDS (High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy) technology is used in microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) to provide direct access from the anterior chamber to the Schlemm’s canal and further into the sclera.

Latest Power LED technology with double light source for homogeneous illumination and high durability. The continuous flow cutter ensures traction-free vitreous body removal, and the fully integrated 532 nm endo laser opens up new possibilities in laser control.

The platform for all cases

The OS 4 by Oertli is the powerfully efficient all-in-one platform for cataract (phaco), glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery. As a versatile and user-specific OR device, the OS 4 works as the extended hand of the surgeon and carries out his orders and intuitions perfectly.


Please see Oertli OS4 Technical Datasheet within the Related Documents.