NIDEK TS-610 Fully Assisted Refraction System

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  • Dramatically changing the Optometry landscape
  • Fully Assisted Refraction System Application
  • Joystick controller and Control console
  • Time saving, Fresh experience and Space saving
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Great Stride with a Small Controller – FARS

The Fully Assisted Refraction System (FARS) is an optional kit for the NIDEK Tabletop Refraction System TS-610, used to determine the full correction by the patient’s response based on objective data or glasses data input by the staff. The kit consists of a joystick controller and the Fully Assisted Refraction System application software. You can benefit from
an easy and comfortable subjective refraction through NIDEK’s established and reliable test algorithms, a voice-guided experience, and a patient-operated joystick control. This system brings the efficiency of the refraction and contributes to the improvement of the workflow and staff allocation in a facility. In addition, FARS enhances the user experience
through a simple and fresh examination conducted independently by the patient.

Transform your optometry scene greatly with a small controller.

  1. Fully Assisted Refraction System application
    Testing proceeds according to the patient’s responses, and the test progress and times are displayed on the Windows computer/tablet. A staff member can check the test status on the screen even if they do not accompany the patient
  2. Joystick controller
    According to the voice guidance, a patient responds to questions with the joystick controller. When the patient has trouble with operations, they can inform the staff by pressing the help button
  3. Control console
    A chart and a measurement value are shown on the control console as in the conventional measurement.


Less waiting time, more opportunities. Uniquely-designed test algorithms reduce test times. Since each patient proceeds the test independently, a single staff member can cover
multiple devices.

Fresh experience

FARS provides patients with a fresh user experience while maintaining the test accuracy.


FARS with the TS-610 contributes to the creation of more space by minimizing the examination footprint.

Potential maximization

FARS supports effective staff allocation according to the facility’s needs. Efficient refraction allows the facility to focus on patient consultation or value-added examinations.

Operation flow with FARS



The staff member inputs objective data and/or glasses data to the TS-610. The patient proceeds with the subjective refraction and determines the full correction by using FARS. It is possible to switch to the one-by-one refraction whenever the patient has trouble with operations. FARS realizes highly reliable subjective refraction by test algorithms based on the TS-610.


Fully Assisted Refraction System Specifications

Software: Fully Assisted Refraction System (installation CD)

Joystick controller

Power supply: 5 V DC
Power consumption: 100 mA
Dimension/ Mass: 150 (W) x 100 (D) x 84 (H) mm (including answer lever (upright)) / 0.3 kg or 5.9 (W) x 3.9 (D) x 3.3 (H)” / 0.7 Ibs.

Voice guidance / Display language: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese

Standard accessories: Velcro tape, Quick reference guide

Compatible device: NIDEK TS-610
Optional accessories: Control console tray, tablet stand

Fully Assisted Refraction System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit)
Display: Vertical/horizontal resolution: 1,920 × 1,080 pixels or greater
Disk device: CD-ROM drive (only for installation)
Other: Media player installed
USB2.0: 1 port or more
LAN (100BASE-T or higher): 1 port or more, Audio output terminal (if necessary)

  • NIDEK TS-610 Fully Assisted Refraction System Operation Manual Download
  • NIDEK TS-610 Fully Assisted Refraction System Product Brochure Download
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