NIDEK SE-9090 Supra High Volume Lens Edger

At a glance:
  • Fastest wet cut edger with simultaneous dual-side lens measurement and dual spindle
  • Productivity savings
  • Fully automated loading available
  • Auto grooving and high curve bevel functions
  • High quality automatic polish safety beveling
  • More information below...

NIDEK SE-9090 Supra High Volume Lens Edger – The Ideal Solution for 80-160 Jobs per Day

The SE-9090 offers high speed and large capacity edging with a guaranteed quality finish.

Faster grinding with dual spindle system

The unique Dual Spindle System of the SE-9090 series of supra high volume lens edger incorporates a program which automatically controls grinding pressure at seven different levels.

Simultaneous dual-side lens measurement

The NIDEK SE-9090 series simultaneously measures both front and rear sides of the lens for faster operation.

High-Base curve technology 

The SE-9090 series high-curve technology processes front and rear bevel of high-curve lens separately. It controls the height of the bevel, resulting in a “micro bevel” or a highly customised bevel.


High quality automatic polish safety bevelling

The NIDEK SE-9090 series offers automatic safety bevelling and polish safety bevelling, paying the utmost attention to the aesthetic of beautiful lenses as a standard feature.

Improved durability & accuracy

The robust SE-9090 series platform supports powerful, industrial strength servo drive motors linked to an advanced RISC CPU microprocessor.

User-friendly colour touch panel

The large 10.4-inch SVGA color LCD touch panel provides all the information needed for all procedures. Bevel simulation can be observed, assuring a satisfying result.

Exclusive 3D-fit

3D-fit is a process management technology for high size accuracy of a lens. Optimal fit can be achieved depending on 3D circumference of frame with NIDEK tracers (LT-1000 / Lt 910).

Advanced network capability

The SE-9090 series is compatible with various communication protocols OMA–VCA, LAN, etc., offering advanced network capabilities.

Data transmission

Data Transmission using a barcode scanner (optional) simplifies communication procedures. This feature also saves processing time and reduces errors, to assure fast and high volume productivity.

Additional options for full loading automation with the NIDEK “robot” unit.

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