Nidek OPD Scan III

At a glance:
  • Including OPD Viewer software
  • 5-in-1 combination unit
  • Wavefront aberrometer, Topographer, Auto Keratometer, Auto Refractometer, Pupillometer & Pupliographer
  • All measurements in one setting - clear new map layouts giving faster interpretation
  • More information below...

NIDEK OPD Scan-III Refractive & Corneal Analyser – True Refractive Workstation for all Practitioners

NIDEK, a global leader in ophthalmic and optometric equipment, has created the OPD-Scan III Refractive & Corneal Analyser, the third generation aberrometer / corneal topographer that is a true refractive workstation for all practitioners.

The versatility incorporated in one compact unit allows clinicians to obtain broad and precise information about the refractive status of the eye enabling comprehensive analysis and assessment, utilizing state-of-the-art data.

Multiple task based summaries allow the practitioner to better evaluate and treat a wide variety of patients from a simple glasses prescription to complex contact lenses and refractive surgery, and especially in pre- and post- operative cataract evaluations.

NIDEK’s innovative concept of combining multiple instruments in one unit was validated in its predecessor, the OPD-Scan II.

Continuous development by NIDEK, the leader in the field, makes the OPD-Scan III a faster, more accurate, and more user-friendly instrument than ever before.

Wavefront Abberometry

Wavefront aberrometry gives unprecedented assessment of visual acuity and quality of vision in addition  to traditional refraction and keratometry. Simulation of retinal contrast sensitivity and visual acuity charts enable objective quantification of
visual clarity.


Corneal topography provides intuitive maps and numerical data for the corneal surface and provides the Classification Indices of corneal pathology such as keratoconus suspect, keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration.

Auto Refractometer

The auto refractometer provides exceptionally accurate refractions for various pupil diameters including refractions under photopic and mesopic
conditions, critical for proper assessment of both refractive surgery patients and common refractive problems.

Auto Keratometer

The auto keratometer provides conventional keratometry and novel corneal surface descriptors such as APP (Average Pupil Power) and ECCP
(Effective Central Corneal Power) which aid in the calculation of the correct IOL power for postoperative corneas.

Pupillometer and Pupillographer

Pupillometry measures photopic and mesopic pupil diameters. Pupil images reveal the shape of photopic and mesopic pupils, which can alter
refraction and important surgical data. Identification of the first Purkinje Image (corneal light reflex) and pupil center are provided. The distance between these two landmarks is calculated to assist in centration during refractive surgery and to assess IOL centration.

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