Multicolor Scan Laser Photocoagulator – NIDEK MC500

At a glance:
  • Multicolor on modular architecture
  • Multiple scan patterns (only for MC-500 Vixi)
  • Auto Forward (only for MC-500 Vixi)
  • Wide range of delivery unit options
  • CoverPlan Available
  • 1 Year Guarantee

The MC-500 Vixi / MC-500 allows the selection of one, two, or three wavelengths among green, yellow, and red.

Multiple scan patterns
The MC-500 Vixi has 22 preprogrammed scan patterns to allow treatment of varying retinal pathologies.

Auto Foward*
Once photocoagulation is completed in one region, the MC-500 Vixi allows automated positioning of the scan pattern to the next region to undergo photocoagulation. This feature allows the surgeon to concentrate on focus adjustment.

Wide range of delivery unit options

Intuitive operation
Intuitive graphic user interface and easy-to-read color LCD touch screen allows easy and quick setup and confirmation of the scan pattern and treatment parameters.

Dimensions: 300W x 480D x 670H mm


Weight: 35kg


See the product brochure for the full specification