NIDEK LM-1800PD Auto Lensmeter – Printer and PD Slider Model

Product Code: LE0584
At a glance:
  • Easy measurement of near portion of progressive lenses
  • User friendly tilting colour touch display
  • Green light transmittance measurement
  • Hartmann Sensor with 108 multiple measurement points
  • Distortion check
  • More information below...

All the Great Features of the LM-600PD plus…

Expanding lens table

Allows the nosepiece to partially enter into the lens table. Enables easy measurement of near portion of progressive lens without taking the lens table off even though the near portion is located on the edge of the frame.

Distortion check

This function displays the lens distortion of glasses being used by the customer by obtaining the vertex power difference from the nosepiece aperture at the centre to those of eight portions of the lens around it. Results are compared with the tolerances of ISO standards.

UV Measurement

A visually enhanced display shows the UV transmittance from 0 to 100% by 1 or 5% increments and two lenses can be compared.

Full graphic large colour touch display

The display looks amazing and with intuitive operation it is very easy to use. You can even personalise the screen with your preferred background colour!

Optional Accessories

Refractive Lens Set to identify the refractive index of a lens
Di Check Card to check the front and rear surfaces of the lens for any power changes/surfacing imperfections

Dimensions: 220 (W) x 252 (D) x 430 (H) mm

Weight: 5kg

See the product brochure for the full specification