NIDEK LE-800 Lens Edging Station

At a glance:
  • Solid Reliability: Built-in Intelligent Blocker
  • Uncompromising Technology: Precise Shape Recognition
  • Undeniable Results: Consistent, Beautiful Finishing
  • Well-organised User Functions
  • NIDEK -800 with frame tracer (optional)
  • EXCLUSIVELY in the UK from Birmingham Optical
  • More information below...

NIDEK LE-800 Lens Edging Workstation – Amplify Confidence

Easy to Operate, All-in-One Capability

The NIDEK LE-800 Lens Edging Workstation, an entry-level edger, enhances your lens edging process. Engineered with simplicity in mind, it provides reliable performance from tracing, to blocking, to finishing lenses, and even ease of maintenance. The intuitive user-functionality guarantees quick and easy processing thanks to the operator wizard.  The NIDEK LE-800, with its all-in-one features, is ground breaking as an entry-level edger.

High curve frame measurement

The on-board tracer confidently handles even high-wrap frames. Controlled tracing pressure assures superb accuracy.

Low maintenance design

Vertical tracing offers protection from debris ensuring durability.

Simple, accurate blocking

The built-in intelligent blocker performs accurate blocking with simple operation. Exact alignment is available with the high-resolution colour touch screen and the image magnification function.

Shape editor function

The lens can be easily modified to the precise shape design by entering the desired numeric values.

Shape axis adjustment

The trace data can be adjusted simply by pressing the on-screen arrow buttons in case of a misalignment.

Shape data memory

The internal memory stores approximately 20,000 shape data files. The more frequently used shapes can be recalled.

Tracer-less technology

3D tracing data can be easily obtained without even using the tracer by simply tracing the demo lens or pattern in the processing chamber.

Robust RMU and LMU

The combination of Radius Measuring Unit (RMU) and Lens Measuring Unit (LMU) traces demo lenses or patterns with precision.

3D tracing

In addition to tracing the demo lens circumference, its front curve is measured to obtain 3D tracing data and perform accurate 3D edging.

3D processing for best fit accuracy

After lens shape measurement, the 3D images are displayed to simulate bevelling/grooving. The data, such as groove/bevel position, can be easily edited.

Outer diameter measurement

By measuring the lens diameter, it shortens the overall edging cycle time.

Grooving and safety bevelling wheel (optional)

Grooving and safety bevelling combo wheel is compact and dependable.

7-inch colour LCD touch screen

A touch screen with easy to understand icons and simplified settings, makes it fun to use.

Smooth operation

Step-by-step processing of wizard mode assists lens edger beginner. “Next job” function allows operator to prepare next job during lens processing for more efficient workflow.

Compact space-saving edger

All necessary functions, tracing, blocking and edging are co-existing in a small, well-organized work space, that even includes a “double-deck” accessory tray.

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