MediWorks Scansys Anterior Segment Analyzer

At a glance:
  • A professional solution for anterior segment diagnosis
  • AI driven Keratoconus Diagnosis
  • ICL Surgery Examination
  • IOL Optimisation
  • Refractive surgery

MediWorks Scansys Anterior Segment Analyzer

Scansys provides a professional solution for anterior segment diagnosis. It applies a Scheimpflug camera which can collect 107520 / 230400 data points and generates 28 / 60 cornea tomography images in high resolution. Scansys can provide a series of topography maps including cornea curvature maps, cornea thickness maps, cornea elevation maps, etc.

Clinical Application

Keratoconus Diagnosis

Scansys can provide the prevalence of Keratoconus by using the AI algorithm, Further checking the topographic maps to accurately analyse and diagnose the keratoconus.

ICL Surgery Examination

Scansys supports in different angles to collect a high-resolution picture. It also provides White to White, AC depth for ICL surgery. AI intelligence recommends the diameter of the ICL and gives elevation of the arch.

IOL Optimization

Specially designed for cataract surgery. It supports clinicians to choose suitable Toric IOL, Aspheric IOL or Multifocal IOL for patients.

Refractive surgery

Total cornea aberration guides surgeons to evaluate preoperative and postoperative visual quality to ensure patients of best surgery effect.


AI Keratoconus Analysis

Scansys introduces AI algorithms to more intelligently give the possibility of Keratoconus (KCP) – Reference value KCP, range 0% ~ 100%. The above figures contain the topographic maps of
Refractive 4 Maps, and the axial curvature map of the back surface, and the trend distribution of the thickness map is also given. These are the key references for judging the keratoconus.

ICL Surgery Examination

Scansys supports in any Angle to collect a high-definition picture, to provide effective data support for ICL surgery.

IOL Optimization

Specially designed for the “IOL Optimization” of refractive cataract surgery. Given the K1, K2, Km, and Astig values of the three types of corneal refractive power (Simk, total corneal power,
true net refractive power), and Kappa & Alpha angle, respectively. It also provides professional data of the total corneal astigmatism aberration, total corneal spherical aberration and the total
corneal irregular astigmatism and analysis support for solving spherical refractive errors, astigmatism, spherical aberration, and presbyopia in cataract surgery.

Refractive Power

In the key parameter column on the right, we give K1, K2, Km, Astig. These values are obtained in the range of 3mm in diameter of the membrane. In order to describe in more detail the difference
of these values in each diameter range, We give K1, K2, Km, Astig of the axial curvature of the anterior and posterior corneal, anterior surface refractive power, true net refractive power, full
corneal refractive power topographic map, the distribution table of various areas from 􏍘mm to 􏍟mm in diameter, and the distribution curve .The changes of these values in different topographic
maps and different diameter ranges are described more intuitively and in detail.

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