Keeler PSL Classic Portable Hand Held Slit Lamp

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At a glance:
  • Versatile and portable - perfect for domiciliary demands
  • Fixation targets and 1mm square light patch
  • Digital image option
  • 1mm Square aperture for Uveitis assessment
  • Fixation targets
  • More information below...

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The Keeler Portable Slit Lamp classic is perfect for emergency screening and domiciliary demands, making it ideal for the smaller younger patients and those of a more portly demeanour where a conventional Slit Lamp is totally impractical or impossible to use.

You have the option to use the PSL as a digital Slit Lamp by simply adding an iPhone to it’s adaptor allowing you to capture video as well as still images.

Features of the Keeler Portable Slit Lamp classic include:

Keeler designed and manufactured with the strength to withstand the daily traumas of the demanding ophthalmic environment. Lightweight, durable and robust.

Advanced optics, x10 & x16 magnifications

Top quality multi-layered glass is crafted into our Keeler multi-element and multi-layer coated optical system to give maximum performance. Clarity is guaranteed.

Controllable illumination

Halogen illumination, with illumination levels controlled by a rheostat, gives you total control of your light levels. From zero to maximum, you choose.

Big Slit Lamp features, portable usability

Unique features such as the fixation targets, and the 1mm square light patch for assessing a/c flare set the new standard for Portable Slit Lamps.

For the digital age

Simply connect an iPhone 4 and the PSL becomes a portable, digital slit lamp. What could be simpler or more cost efficient?

PSL Classic = x10 & x16 magnifications

PSL One = x10 magnification

1mm Square aperture for Uveitis assessment

Continuously variable halogen illumination

Fixation targets

Precision machined aluminium chassis

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