IBISVision Comprehensive Vision Platform

At a glance:
  • Triage & Pre-visit Checks Enhanced Pre-Test
  • EASE OF USE: Designed to be easier to use than standard market offered alternatives
  • QUICK: Quick and cost effective while providing comprehensive results
  • PORTABLE: IbisVision is portable and can be set up within minutes
  • CLOUD BASED: Cloud based software allowing remote testing of patients in home environment
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Cloud Based Software

IbisVision is a comprehensive vision testing solution, bringing together multiple exams on a single intuitive platform with a secure database and communications infrastructure.

​This cloud based software means exams can be deployed, viewed and saved anywhere anytime even allowing remote examination of patients in home environment.

The IbisVision application is Software as a Service (SaaS) deployed remotely and complimented by ‘off the shelf’ hardware peripherals, if required.This deployment architecture is essential to enable instantaneous support and accessibility, remote care for patients, monitor responses for audit, and to continually enhance the user experience.

Our patient-focused solution combines clinical experience and disruptive technology giving improved patient satisfaction with increased access to care.

IbisVision has the ability to host 3rd party applications and integrate with other service providers in various sectors: