20 Point Campimeter – Dedicated Glaucoma Screener

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At a glance:
  • Specially developed for the detection of glaucoma by non perimetrist, Glaucoma Screener
  • 20 numbered points examining parts of the visual field most likely to be abnormal in glaucoma, avoiding lid artifact and angioscotomas
  • Useful for screening large groups and gives results quickly
  • More information below

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The Damato Field Screen Campimeter includes single dial with two contrast levels, recording forms and instructions

This Campimeter is used for the detection of Glaucoma in patients. It is used by testing only the parts of the field of vision that have a higher chance of being abnormal due to problems with Glaucoma. It is great for screenings because of its simplicity and its accuracy. Screenings will generally take only a few minutes making the patient much more cooperative.

The Damato Field Screen Campimeter otherwise known as ‘The DAMATO Multi-fixation Campimeter’ is a new visual field test which is simple to operate and simple for the patient to comprehend. The unit combines simplicity, portability and sensitivity. The above combination is achieved by causing the patient’s eye to move in a precise manner so that a stimulus is automatically placed at known points in the visual field.

The campimeter is a hand held card with a set of numbers spiralling outward from a central window. The patient is asked to read the numbers whilst the examiner dials selected stimuli into the window. If the patient fails to react to a particular stimulus, the examiner marks the corresponding number on a reduced chart on a patient record sheet On completion of the examination, the plot is inverted so that the results are comparable to those obtained conventionally.

Dark stimuli on a light background are used to increase sensitivity and reduce the necessity for standardised lighting. The dedicated glaucoma screening chart, is currently used by ‘Prevention of Blindness America’. Screening with the 20 and 30 stimuli campimeters can be carried out by lay staff but the expert examiner would be more effective with the more versatile campimeter that has the full 60 point covering the central 30 degree field with a range of sie stimuli.

The multi fixation campimeter may allow precise visual field examination when computerised perimeters are not available or convenient or when the patient’s cooperation is limited.

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