Birmingham Optical PPE Calculator

To calculate the required PPE for your practice:

  1. Simply enter the numbers in the boxes to the right
  2. Decide how many weeks worth of cover you need
  3. The calculator recommends the quantities required
  4. Click on the cells that you’d like to add to basket
  5. When ready – click “Add to basket” button below the table

Click on the cells in the table to flag them to be added to the cart when the button at the bottom of the page is pressed.
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Minimum Requirement Per Week
No. of weeks to cover 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
FFP-2 Masks suggested (for Clinical staff)
EN 14683 IIr Masks required (for Non Clinical staff)
Nitrile Gloves required
Disposable Aprons required
Face shields / goggles required
Alcohol Hand sanitiser (250ml) *
Alcohol Surface wipes suggested (640 wipes) *
Also Recommended
Disposable clinical waste bags suggested **
  • * Based on 2 colleagues sharing on solution for a period of 3 weeks
  • ** Assumes each clinical colleague operates from a separate testing room, plus one pre test room and one reception/sales floor

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