The NIDEK OCT – Clinical Edition

3 April 2016

As clinicians, optometrists are at the leading edge of patient eye care, diagnosing chronic eye conditions is one of our primary roles.

It is clear that one of the best weapons in our diagnostic armoury is OCT. The Nidek Retina Scan DUO OCT provides clinicians with the very best in diagnostic imaging at an affordable price. This easy to use multi function OCT has a huge range of scan options, with high definition wide scans, the widest normative database available, up to 4 micron resolution, anterior scans, 12MP diabetic accredited colour fundus, Fundus auto fluorescence option and much more.

OCT can detect Glaucomatous damage years before visual field devices. Macula scans on the Nidek Retina Scan DUO measure Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC), which provides an accurate and repeatable early marker for Glaucoma, often considered more valuable than RNFL (Retinal nerve fibre layer) measurements on disc scans.

Other features include:

  • 8 posterior and anterior scan patterns
  • 12MP diabetic accredited true colour fundus camera
  • Ganglion Cell Complex assessment – most reliable glaucoma detection
  • Anterior chamber angle and corneal pachymetry measurements
  • 9x9mm normative database – largest in the market
  • 880nm infrared laser – up to 4-micron resolution scans
  • Combo scan mode – ensures swift, accurate capture
  • 12 x 9mm capture area
  • Colour Fundus 3D overlay onto OCT map
  • True En-Face layer separation
  • RNFL thickness assessment