NIDEK Automated Loading Solutions

At a glance:
  • Automated loading solutions
  • Stacker or conveyor belt options
  • Compact space saving solutions
  • Reliable and super efficient
  • Compatible with the Nidek SE9090 and SE1 edgers
  • EXCLUSIVELY in the UK from Birmingham Optical
  • More information below...

NIDEK Automated Loading Solutions – High Volume Edging

Exclusively from Birmingham Optical the Robotic Lab Edging Systems from NIDEK balance high productivity and the ultimate lens processing quality. Various configurations are possible with the NIDEK SE-9090 Express+/SE-9090 Supra and RHU-1000/1500. For industrial labs of all sizes, NIDEK delivers superior comprehensive solutions to meet your lab business needs and growth strategy. NIDEK Lab Edging Systems offer the most proven and time-tested technologies in lens finishing.

NIDEK RHU-1000 is compatible with the NIDEK SE-9090 for high volume edging. For more details about the NIDEK SE-9090 please visit it’s product page click here

The NIDEK RHU-1000 Robotic Handling Units main points:
» Automatic lens handling
» Two types of lens feeders, type S (stacker) and type CB (conveyer belt)
» High-speed conveyance
» Great adaptability for any edging laboratory
» Easy operation and maintenance

NIDEK RHU-1500 is compatible with the NIDEK SE-9090

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