XL Plastic Keeler Symphony slit lamp Breath Plate

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At a glance:
  • Designed to help you continue to test with confidence
  • Development with the safety of your team and your customers in mind
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to install

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Designed and produced for a range of our products; these lightweight, robust breath shields will enable you to test with confidence and keep your colleagues and customers safe.

These are made out of transparent thick acrylic which is sturdy and easy to clean.

Being lightweight and strong they are easy and quick to install.

Our breath shields are available for the following products:


    Keeler Symphony Slit Lamp


Nidek SL | Nidek NT | Nidek AR/ARK
Nidek RT | Nidek  Tonoref III | Nidek AL
Nidek CEM/TONOREF II | Nidek GS | Nidek RS/AFC/MP
Nidek SL/Laser Delivery | Nidek OPD (1) | Nidek OPD (2)



OCULUS Pentacam (All Models)



30mm  Keratometer
20mm Keratometer
15mm Keratometer
Non Keeler Slit Lamp