Volk ClearPod for a Digital Widefield Lens

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At a glance:
  • LIFT THE FOG: The unique shield has carefully designed wing and flange features to efficiently direct warm currents of air away from your optical path.
  • JUST CLIP & GO: Optimized shape and fit allows you to securely clip your lens while enabling you to maintain your natural grip.
  • THE PERFECT FIT, EVERYTIME: The ledge on the inside of your ClearPod is designed to act as a back-stop to guide your lens into the right position.
  • ELEGANT & ERGONOMIC: The flange is designed to balance optimal fog diversion while accommodating the right working distance.

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Freedom from Fogging FOR EFFICIENT EXAM

The Volk ClearPod diverts fog away from your lens surface giving you ample time to conduct detailed exams without having to interrupt care.

Designed with Doctors FOR DOCTORS
We realize the importance of clear visualization to provide a confident and accurate diagnosis. We also recognize that no one understands this problem better than you.

Therefore, to combat this new problem, we worked with experts like you to design and develop the ClearPod. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Jeremy Wingard and Dr. Bradley Sacher, the patent-pending ClearPod results in a fog-minimizing solution that is practical, simple and effective.

Crystal Clear Views UNINTERRUPTED!
Experience uninterrupted visualization during your retina examination with the Volk ClearPod and reclaim the Volk clarity you remember and trust.
No more asking patients to remove their masks, dealing with messy tape, or using solutions that erode your lens coatings!

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