Patternless Edger with Drill & Blocker – NIDEK LEXCE Trend DB

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  • Exceptional processing unit with an integrated drill
  • Intelligent blocker with an integrated shape imager
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Patternless Edger – The NIDEK LEXCE Trend D – Integrated Drilling & Intelligent Blocker

This Patternless Edger is a high performance drill  in a compact body. Driven by two types of user interface; a step-by-step wizard mode for beginners and a professional mode for experts, it offers every user a comfortable operation with incredible ease.

Multiple configurations can be chosen from different model types depending on the situation of all optical shops and labs, either as a new integration or as an additional unit.

A Trendy innovative concept, the LEXCE Trend patternless edgers redefines the “all-in-one edger”.

Exceptional processing unit with integrated drill

The drill unit uses a 5-axis mechanism, providing a high degree of accuracy for all your drilling jobs. The processing unit that runs the drill, also performs high quality safety bevelling and grooving on any lenses.

Intelligent blocker with integrated imager

Blocker unit is simple to operate while offering great performance. The integrated imager can capture optical tracings, along with drill hole data. The data can be easily edited on the multifunction colour screen.

Proven high quality finishing

Thanks to an elegant design and engineering innovations, the LEXCE Trend’s is advanced technology offers sizing consistency and work capacity while encompassing a faster cycle time

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