Nidek AL-Scan W/O US Option

At a glance:
  • 10 seconds to measure 6 values
  • Optional built-in ultrasound biometer
  • 3-D auto tracking and auto shot
  • Breath shield available
  • More information below...

NIDEK AL-Scan Optical Biometer – State of the Art Optical Biometer

By using the NIDEK AL-Scan Optical Biometer, in 10 seconds, six values for cataract surgery are measured:

  • Axial length
  • Corneal curvature radius
  • Anterior chamber depth
  • Central corneal thickness
  • White-to-white distance
  • Pupil size

3-D auto tracking and auto shot

The AL-Scan incorporates NIDEK’s much acclaimed 3-D auto tracking and auto shot, which provides the operator with the most ease, comfort, and accuracy on all measurements.

Ability to measure eyes with even dense cataract

Advanced measurement algorithms enhance the signal-to-noise ratio, which allows the AL-Scan to measure eyes with even dense cataract.

Optional built-in ultrasound biometer

In cases where the optical biometer cannot measure an eye with an extremely dense cataract, the AL-Scan provides an optional built-in ultrasound biometer, allowing measurement of virtually any cataractous eye.

Anterior segment observation with imaging of lens, pupil, and double mire rings

The AL-Scan provides sectional lens image, pupil image, and reflected image of double mire rings, which enables the operator to observe the anterior segment.

IOL calculation with its own measured values

Nine IOL calculation formulas are incorporated in the AL-Scan. Once measurement is completed, the IOL power is automatically calculated using its own measured data.

Additional features with AL-Scan Viewer for NAVIS-EX

AL-Scan Viewer is software used for viewing and working with AL-Scan data within NAVIS-EX, which is an image filing software that enables data from the NIDEK diagnostic devices to be centralized in the NAVIS-EX database. This functionality enhances the capability of the AL-Scan with additional features and increases clinics efficiency.

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