Occuity PM1 Pachymeter

At a glance:
  • NON-CONTACT: A better clinician and patient experience
  • ACCURATE: Measure corneal thickness,accurately, reliablyand repeatably
  • HANDHELD: Desktop capability, handheld utility
  • REDUCE CHAIR TIME: Results in just a few seconds
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Intuitive design means no training isrequired
  • SAFER: Reduced risk of disease transmission and injury
  • NO CONSUMABLES: No waste, no waiting
  • WIRELESS CHARGING: Ready when you need it
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Desktop performance, handheld pricing

The first of Occuity’s revolutionary handheld optical ophthalmic devices – Available 2024, register your interest today!

The PM1 allows both clinicians and technicians to take a corneal centre thickness measurement quickly and easily.

Simple to use, the PM1 is held in front of the subject’s eye at a comfortable working distance. To take a measurement, the operator simply touches the screen to put the pachymeter in scanning mode and holds it up to the patient’s eye.

ThePM1’sadvanced Precision Optical Technology provides feedback to help the operator to position the device correctly. Once aligned the PM1 automatically captures over 200 scans each second before immediately displaying the average of these measurements along with an indication of precision.

There is no need to anaesthetise or touch the eye, removing the risk of infection transmission and making the whole process much more comfortable, safer and quicker for both the operator and subject.

Precision Optical System

The patented optical technology within the Occuity PM1 uses a tightly focused beam of light to scan the eye. When the focus passes through a surface a bright reflection is seen which allows the meter to know exactly where that surface is.

ThePM1collects the reflections from the front and back surfaces of the cornea, allowing a very precise measurement of corneal thickness.

With our expertise in optics and miniaturisation, Occuity’s proprietary technology ensures that in addition to being accurate, the PM1is also compact and very cost effective.