NIDEK YLC-500 Yellow Laser Photocoagulator

At a glance:
  • Multiple scan patterns
  • SOLIC (Safety Optics with Low Impact on Cornea)
  • Continuously Variable Spot Size
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • More information below...

A 577 nm Yellow Laser with Multiple Scan Patterns

The YLC-500 Vixi / YLC-500 is a yellow laser using the innovative OPSL (optically pumped semiconductor laser) method to achieve stable and reliable laser delivery for optimal treatment outcomes.

The YLC-500 Vixi yellow scan laser photocoagulator, enables laser treatments with various scan patterns by incorporating Vixi, scan delivery units, into the YLC-500.

Multiple Scan Patterns

The YLC-500 Vixi has 22 pre-programmed scan patterns to allow treatment of varying retinal pathologies.

Equal Space Between Spots in All Directions

The equal space pattern maintains space between spots allowing for denser photocoagulation than the square pattern.

Auto Forward

Once photocoagulation is completed in one region, the auto forward function automatically positions the scan pattern to the next region of treatment, allowing the surgeon to concentrate on adjusting focus.

SOLIC (Safety Optics with Low Impact on Cornea)

The SOLIC optical design is incorporated into all delivery units, ensuring low energy density on the cornea and lens, even for large spot sizes.

Continuously Variable Spot Size

The scan spot size is continuously variable.

  • Scan delivery Scan mode : 100 to 500 μm
  • Single mode: 50 to 100 μm
  • Single delivery : 50 to 990 μm

The continuous variability allows the surgeon to easily compensate for the spot size change due to the use of a laser contact lens.

Protective Filter

A fixed protective filter reduces the risks of backscatter laser irradiation, maximizing surgeon safety during treatment. A special coating on the
filter ensures a clear view of the fundus during examination and photocoagulation.

Lightweight and Compact Design

The space saving design allows the main body to be stored under the NIDEK slit lamp table for a laser photocoagulator. The lightweight and compact design allows easy portability to virtually any room. In the operating room, endophoto probes can be connected to the YLC-500 simplifying setup and treatments.

LCD Brightness Adjustment

When the status is changed from standby to ready the LCD brightness decreases to minimize interference with surgeon visibility during treatment.

Intuitive and Functional User Console

An intuitive graphic user interface and easy-to-read touch screen color LCD allow quick and easy setup and verification of the scan pattern and treatment parameters.

Wide range of selectable delivery units (see product brochure for further details)

Main Body Specification

Treatment laser: Optically-pumped semiconductor laser

Wavelength: 55nm

Output power: 50 to 1500 mW

Output type: Continuous wave

Exposure time: 0.01 to 3.00 seconds, 0.01 to 0.05 (Scan mode delivery)

Interval time: 0.05 to 1.00 second

Aiming laser: Red diode, 635 nm, max. 0.3 ± 0.1 mW

Power supply: AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 250VA

Dimensions/ mass: 237 (W) x 318 (D) x 90 (H) mm/ 5.6kg or 9.3 (W) x 12.5 (D) x 3.5 (H) “, *

Optional accessories: Expansion box, CB top plate attachment unit, power foot swtich, 3-D mouse, laser goggles, USB barcode reader, magnetic card reader


*276 (W) x 318 (D) x 90 (H) mm / 6.55kg, 10.9 (W) x 3.5 (D) x 12.5 (H)” / 14.4lbs with expansion box, which is an optional accessory to connect the scan delivery unit to main body