Nidek Pro Super Hydrophobic Pads (Box of 1,000)

Product Code: LC0375
£39.00 Price exclusive of VAT
At a glance:
  • Our best ever Super Hydrophobic pad for use in all Nidek edgers
  • Now with a clear silicon backing film for easy removal
  • Black and white pad for easy identification in a busy lab
  • Excellent adhesive properties and will cope with all your multi coated plastic lenses
  • More details below

The pad has great clamping force due to it’s construction, offering excellent stability, avoiding parallel movements. Due to the extreme adhesive performance allows secure edging process on all types of lenses

Product characteristics.

  • Good adhesion, compatible with all types of plastic lenses
  • Safe Removal, leaves no residue on the surface
  • Torque resistance, safe adhesion to alloy
  • Colour, clear visualization of the engravings
  • Malleability, adapts to high curves
  • Thickness, providing best protection during the process
  • Thermal insulation, allows exposure to heat without deforming the surface


Application and instructions.

Check surface before application.

Avoid contact with oil, dust or any kind of residue that may affect performance of the product.

Recommend using in temperatures between 20 and 40°C (68F / 104F).

Do not use at temperatures below 15°C (59F), since it could affect fluidity and compromise adhesion.

The acrylic adhesive is pressure sensitive; it must be in full contact with the surface, apply evenly.