NIDEK ME-1500 Multi Functional Rimless Edger

At a glance:
  • Automatic 3D drilling
  • High base curve processing
  • Multi & mini beveling
  • Step beveling & partial step processing
  • Flexible lens clamp
  • Glass Model Available
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NIDEK ME-1500 Multifunctional Edger – Boasts Comprehensive Technology to Deliver Expert Lens Edging

NIDEK’s flagship model, the rimless  ME-1500 multifunctional edger, boasts comprehensive technology to deliver expert lens edging. True to its name of “multi-function edger”, the expanded features such as drilling, high base curve lens processing, and design functions allow processing a wide array of frames.

NIDEK’s exclusive processing mechanism results in a high percentage of one-cut fit accuracy and delivers edging like a master craftsman’s work. With an ergonomic and compact design, plus a colourful LCD touch screen, it gives the operator a masterful command of all the functions.

The ME-1500 pairs seamlessly with the NIDEK’s peripheral products like blockers and tracers, ensuring stable data management and workflow. Our portfolio of products provides an ideal system to suit any requirement. The ME-1500 satisfies your demands for meticulously finished eyewear.

Masterful Lens Edging

The ME-1500 offers a multitude of lens processing options based on lens material and coatings through reliable technology. NIDEK’s super fit software automatically selects the most appropriate lens processing method by calculating the grinding pressure. Even super hydrophobic coated lenses are processed without axis shifts.

Automatic 3D drilling

Various hole shapes such as slots, notches, counter-bored holes, and jewel holes can be performed. A maintenance message notifies operator when drill bit needs replacing.

Automatic 3D grooving

Semi-rimless groove jobs are processed with pin-point accuracy resulting in highly attractive lens periphery regardless of lens shape, curve, and thickness. Even when processing high base curve lenses, the width and the profile of the groove are consistent.

High base curve processing

NIDEK’s unique front and rear independent grinding function offers a high base curve bevel with flawless results. The position and height of the bevel can also be manually controlled.

Multi/mini bevelling

Highly customizable, asymmetrical bevel permits lenses to be perfectly fitted into various eye wires. Mini bevelling is also available with a single touch of the button.

Flexible lens clamp

Specialized swivel lens clamp securely stabilizes any lens.

Safety bevelling / polishing

In addition to the standard safety bevelling, the special safety bevel makes the edge of a high minus lens look thinner than it actually is. It can be polished to a high lustre.

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