NIDEK LFU-220 (Lens Filtering Unit)

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  • Reduces water consumption
  • Compact design
  • User friendly operation
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NIDEK LFU 220 Lens Dust Filtration Unit – Caring About People & the Environment

The new generation “Filtration Unit” for lens edgers

Nowadays, while environmental issues are concerned and attract great attention, the improvement of disposal method of lens edgers processing waste is strongly demanded. With NIDEK’s own leading technology “Hybrid System” which separates the processing waste and water, a comfortable use, water consumption reduction and compact design are achieved. The policy of environmental awareness will even increase the impression of retail shops

Newly Developed “Hybrid System”

The NIDEK LFU 220 features original “Hybrid System” combined with centrifugal and filtration methods. By applying advantages of both methods, simultaneous dewatering processes are performed to maintain circulating water clean.

Ergonomic Design

Notification functions are available. LED lights indicate the number of processed lenses amount of collected processing waste and the disposing time is notified by a buzzer sound. Easy operation are perfectly linked with NIDEK lens edgers. Safety functions are placed to each function.

Comfortable Use

The processing waste should be disposed after normal processing of approximately 100 lenses. Disposing the processing waste is very easy work by just replacing it from its settled bucket. The processing waste is condensed into a single dewatered cake to be easily disposed, keeping the surroundings and operator’s hands clean.

Compact Design

The NIDEK LFU 220 can be stored inside the exclusive lens edger table without occupying any space more than the lens edger uses. The lens edger deodorizer LED-200 option can also be stored together inside the table.

Water Conservation

A remarkably large amount of water consumption is saved compared to the former method, considering the nature environment and eco-friendly. The use of chemical bubble deformer is unnecessary.  Cooling water is kept clean to protect the processing lens from scratches and to keep the lens edger inner chamber clean.

Water Tank

Replace the water after normal processing of 1,000 lenses per 10 litres

Water Temperature Stability

While continuous lens processing, the water temperature is restrained as water flow has a cooling effect. This provides a reliable size accuracy and a stabilized finishing.

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