NIDEK ICE-1500 Intelligent Fully Automatic Blocker

At a glance:
  • Automatic lens blocking
  • Lens clamp with multi-function mechanism
  • High resolution, multi-colour LCD touch panel
  • Data management function
  • Easy design functionality with stylus pen
  • Automatic lens & shape image measurements
  • More information below...

NIDEK ICE-1500 Intelligent Fully Automatic Blocker – Elegance & Accuracy Light the Path to Perfect Lens Edging

Born from the pursuit of precision – A masterpiece in blocking

NIDEK proudly introduces the ICE-1500, an elite intelligent fully automatic blocker. Precise blocking is the foundation for all lens processing. Perfectly manufactured eyewear results in enhanced customer satisfaction. The ICE-1500 plays an important role in lens edging. Working behind the scenes, it ultimately provides support for an excellent lens finish.

Automatic lens blocking

The lens cup is easily set to the cup holder. The ICE-1500 incorporates exceptional ingenuity, which makes quick and accurate automatic blocking possible.

Lens clamp with multi-function mechanism

The flexible lens clamp design stabilizes lens surface with optimal pressure for parallax-free blocking.

High resolution, multi-colour LCD touch panel

8.4-inch multi-colour display shows lens shape and layout information in actual size. Functions are represented with easy to understand icons for simple operation.

Data management function

Easy data management allows for more than 30,000 jobs/patterns storage and retrieval by frame manufacturer or type.

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Lens size: Lens diameter: ø85 mm or less

Layout span: 
FPD: 30.00 to 99.50 mm
PD (or 1/2 PD): 30.00 to 99.50 mm (15.00 to 49.75 mm)
Height of the optical center: 0 to ±15.0 mm
Size adjustment: 0 to ± 9.95 mm
WD: 15.0 to 45.0 mm
EP: -6.0 to +6.0 mm

Item to be entered:
FPD (or DBL)
PD (or 1/2 PD)
Height of the optical center (frame center, BT height, PD height)
Cylinder axis
EP (height of the distance eye point of progressive lens)
Shape size
Lens material (CR-39, Hi-index, Polyca., Acrylic, Trivex, Urethane, Glass)
Frame type (Metal, Plastic, Optyl, Two point, Nylor)
Processing mode (Auto, Guide, HC Auto, HC Guide, Step Auto, Step Guide, Flat)
Lens type (Single, Multi, Progressive, Demo lens)
CYL mode (+/- switching)
Job code

Lens measuring mode:
Single vision mode: Auto / Point mark detection
Multifocal mode: Segment detection
Progressive mode: Print mark / Print mark (angle) / Point mark detection
Manual mode
Demo lens mode

Shape imager function:
Measurement range: 65.0 x 50.0 mm (±1.5 mm)
Hole position: 0.01 mm increments
Hole diameter: ø0.50 to 10.00 mm (0.01 mm increments)

Tracing unit Built in
Method Automatic 3D binocular tracing
FPD measurement Available
Frame clamping One-touch automatic clamping
Setting of stylus Switchable between automatic and semiautomatic
Measuring points 1,000 points
Measurement accuracy Frame tracing: ±0.05 mm (circumference error with ø45 standard frame)

Blocking method: Auto blocking

Display: 8.4-inch SVGA colour LCD touch panel

Interface: RS-232C: 3 ports

Power supply: 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 110VA

Dimensions/mass: 325 (W) x 510 (D) x 345 (H) mm / 21 kg or 12.8 (W) x 20.1 (D) x 13.6 (H) ” / 46 lbs

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