NIDEK HandyRef Handheld Refractometer

At a glance:
  • Portable and accurate refraction and keratometry
  • Improved usability by innovative functionality
  • Excellence of advanced functions
  • Anytime anywhere handheld measurement
  • Auto shot mode
  • More information below...

Accurate Refraction and Keratometry Measurements Anywhere

The NIDEK Handyref K allows you to take accurate refraction and keratometry measurements anywhere and boasts many clinically advanced features. Offering improved usability and an enhanced interface, the Handyref K is a user and patient friendly valued assistance always at hand.

Advanced functions include:

Anywhere – anytime handheld refraction

Lightweight and also has excellent weight distribution. Its compact design makes it easy to hold, balance, and use. Intelligently designed button layout is also useful in one-handed operation.

Excellence of advanced functions

Full graphic LCD with 3.5-inch colour screen – new full graphic 3.5-inch colour LCD is 40% larger than the previous model. Clear screen design and intuitive icons similar provide high user-friendliness

Supine position mode – by tilting the instrument 60º or more downward, it enters supine position mode automatically. When measuring from patient’s side, the cylinder axis is compensated by 90º, and is displayed.

Improved usability

Melody function – for inexperienced patients like children, newly added melody function can be of help. It can ease patient’s anxiety and draw attention.

Measurement method

Pupil zone imaging method – analyses a wide area (Max. 4 mm diameter) pupil zone. By measuring the light coming through the pupil zone in a wide area, more accurate measurement data closer to the subjective refraction is now possible.

SynchroScan Technology – adopted an excellent new measurement method; “SynchroScan Technology”. Measurements start when the alignment starts, and locks in the data when alignment becomes optimal as a measurement value. It provides a more stable measurement value more effectively and efficiently.

Auto shot mode – when the alignment / focusing becomes optimal, it gets the measurement data automatically. If unstable data is included, additional measurement automatically starts.