NIDEK CEM-530 Specular Microscope

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  • Multi Area Specular Microscopy
  • Enhanced Usability and Quick Analysis
  • Advanced Manual Analysis Functions
  • Combination of Auto and Manual Analyses
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NIDEK CEM-530 Specular Microscope – Combination of Central, Paracentral, & Peripheral Imaging

Multi Area Specular Microscopy

In addition to conventional central and peripheral specular microscopy, the CEM-530 Specular Microscope includes a NIDEK original function that captures paracentral images. The combination of central, paracentral, and peripheral imaging provides a broader, overall view that can be used for detailed morphological and quantitative evaluation of the endothelial layer and individual cells.

Enhanced Usability and Quick Analysis

The 3D auto tracking and auto shot functions result in a user friendly and patient friendly experience. Data analysis within 2 seconds allows efficient patient flow.

Advanced Manual Analysis Functions

Centre Point: Select the approximate centre of a cell. The cells are detected based on the surrounding points. This method is effective for areas where groups of cells are clumped together.

Corner Point: Trace the outlines of the cells to be analysed by selecting the corners of each cell. This method is suitable for detailed identification of the size and dimension of isolated cells.

Pattern Select: Select a hexagonal reference pattern that is similar to the cell size and drag it onto the cell to be analyzed. This method is effective for rough identification of the size and dimension of the cells.

Combination of Auto and Manual Analyses

All three manual analysis methods can be performed on the same image and on auto-analysed images. The versatility of combining automated and manual analysis on the same image allows for better clinical interpretation of the diverse range of pathology in a comprehensive practice.

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Endothelial Image Capture

Capture Field: 0.25 (W) x 0.55 (H) mm

Capture Position: Central – 1 point, Paracentral – 8 points (ø1.3 mm*), Peripheral – 6 points (ø7.3 mm*)


Measurement range: 300 to 1,000µm

Accuracy: ± 10 µm

Auto Tracking: X-Y-Z directions

Auto Shot: Available

Display: Titable 8.4-inch colour LCD touch screen

Printer: Built-in thermal line printer, External video printer (Optional)

Interface: LAN, USB, Video output (BNC connector for video printer)

Power Supply: 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 100 VA

Dimensions/ Mass: 291 (W) x 495 (D) x 457 (H) mm/ 20kg or 11.5 (W) x 19.5 (D) x 18.0 (H)”/ 44lbs

*When R = 7.8mm

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