NIDEK Ark-F Auto Refractometer

At a glance:
  • Full automation requiring no direct operation
  • Accurate measurement
  • Flexible & space-saving design
  • Network configuration with high flexibility
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Changing Your Standard

Reliably accurate eye examination equipment with comfortable operability has become worldwide standard. It is used every day; that’s why NIDEK stands behind it with complete dedication and professionalism. Our ARK-F/AR-F impressively changes your “standard” with its smooth, fully-automatic and precise measurement and high freedom of installation, in addition to the conventional accurate measurement.

Advanced Operation

Remarkably easy workflow through fully-automatic measurement. Simply by placing the chin on the chinrest, NIDEK eye detection camera automatically detects the position of the eyes and measurement starts without pressing any button. Gentle voice guidance facilitates smooth measurement for any operator.

Accurate Measurement

Large pupil zone imaging method:  The large pupil zone imaging method enables the measurement of wider area refraction up to 6 mm diameter and can indicate the difference between the wide area refraction and central area refraction of up to 3.5 mm diameter. These pupil diameters are measured simultaneously. The difference of the measurement allows assessment of the effect of pupil size such as a vision in dim light.

Super luminescent diode and highly sensitive CCD: Incorporation of the super luminescent diode (SLD) provides a sharper and clearer image compared to a conventional LED. The highly sensitive CCD detects the ring image even if the fundus reflection is weak. The system, that combines the SLD and highly sensitive CCD, significantly improves measurement capability even in dense cataractous eyes.

Flexible & Space-Saving Design

Large tilt and swivel monitor: Since the screen can be continuously tilted and swivel, the NIDEK ARK-F can be placed anywhere in an examination area; installation against a wall or in a corner of the room is now possible – aiding in social distancing. Of course, the conventional face-to-face position is still possible, but more comfortable than ever. Freedom of operator mobility even enables the support of a patient’s eyelids during measurement. Flexible layout and space saving design contribute to improved productivity and efficiency.

Practical & User Friendly Features

Patient-friendly accommodation measurement. Objective measurement of accommodation is performed with patient’s focusing on a target which moves from distant to near. Intelligent algorithm detects the patient response and reduces the measurement time in cases with a slow or weak accommodative response. The accommodation measurement helps to assess pseudomyopia, eyestrain, and accommodative palsy.