Near Vision Testing Unit Fixation Disparity

Product Code: EA1009
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At a glance:
  • Will test most aspects of near binocular vision
  • Retractable measuring tape built into the unit
  • Tests include: fixation disparity, binocular balance
  • Visual acuity charts (both letter & “illiterate E”) in decimal notation

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This Near Vision Disparity Unit combines a comprehensive range of tests for refraction and ocular motor investigations at near.

The unit is supplied with polarisation set at 90 degrees x 180 degrees. The unit is rechargeable, incorporating the latest charging circuitry and is recharged via a plug-in power supply.

The new casing has a much smaller footprint to previous models, standing upright on the desktop. A retractable measuring tape is incorporated within the unit.

The tests incorporated in the Near Vision Disparity Unit are as follows:

  • Fixation disparity test
  • Polarised foveal suppression test
  • Polarised test for arc & suppression in strabismus
  • Polarised bichromatic test
  • Polarised cross-cylinder target & visual acuity balance test
  • Measurement of the monocular amplitude of accommodation under binocular conditions
  • Stereopsis test
  • Tangent scale & spotlight
  • N5-N12 Times reading fonts
  • Dominant-eye & accommodation convergence relationship test
  • Visual acuity charts (both letter & E) in decimal notation
  • Near point convergence

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