Keeler Tonoclear Tonometer Disposable Prism – Box of 100

Product Code: EA2593
£85.00 Price exclusive of VAT
At a glance:
  • Single-use pre assembled prisms (box of 100)
  • Clear visualisation of the mires
  • Attenuating sleeve to reduce sensitivity to light variations
  • Individually packaged and sterilised with Ethylene Oxide
  • Sterilisation validity for 3 years and Compatible with all GATs

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Keeler Tonoclear Disposable Prism is a single-use tonometer prism to be used in combination with a GAT, to determine the IOP. The Tonoclear prism is designed to accommodate variations in light intensity from the slit lamp to ensure a clear view of the mires at all times. The individually packed prisms come pre-assembled to reduce any risk of a cross-contamination and hassle in your workflow.

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