NIDEK LT-980 High Curve Frame and Pattern Tracer

At a glance:
  • New state-of-the-art high curve tracer
  • Highly accurate first time fit rate
  • Automatic dual 3D high curve tracing
  • One touch demo lens holder
  • Variable fulcrum stylus

NIDEK LT-980 Pattern and High Curve Tracer – Advanced State-of-the-Art

The NIDEK LT-980 tracers incorporate an advanced state-of-the-art and newly engineered tracing mechanism that operates in a true 3-D precision context with various frames regardless of the degree of curvature.

Automatic dual 3-D tracing

The unique 3-D mechanism digitizes a binocular measure of 1,000 points of reference per eye. The highly accurate digitized data assures a precise first time fit, regardless of the level of frame curvature.

Variable fulcrum stylus

The unit’s unique design makes use of a variable fulcrum stylus which keeps the axis angle perpendicular to the frame at any height. The stylus
automatically adjusts the angle approach of the stylus-to-frame.

Low pressure measurement

The tracers utilize 50% less stylus pressure to the frame than previous models, as the pressure is dispersed over a larger area of the frame and at various angles.

New frame clamping design

Frame loading is easy with the newly designed, angled frame clamps. Even frames with a large bridge size can be inserted without making contact with the stylus. The clamp pressure is minimized, thus eliminating frame warp.

Vital performance for accurate lens fit

Tracing is the essential foundation for well-constructed eyeglasses. The advanced technology of the LT-1200 / 980 tracers delivers the ultimate fit and finish of eyewear.

One-touch demo lens holder

The versatile demo lens holder allows for easy setting of either demo lens or pattern in a one-touch step. New compact design beautifully integrates
and self-stores within the upper slider and is easily accessible.

Frame-support tracing

With the most challenging of high-wrap frames, performing “goggle” type frame tracing is necessary. The newly designed frame tracing support makes this process faster and easier, with excellent results.

Built-in accessory storage space

The LT-980 has a convenient built-in storage compartment that is ergonomic for safe-keeping and storing of all additional accessories.

Integrated debris protection

Upon closing, the upper and lower frame sliders interlock in a “tongue-and-groove” design, thereby protecting the mechanical core of the tracer. As a result, when not holding a frame, the sliders gently close thereby reducing exposure to debris and environmental material hazards.

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