CataRhex 3 Surgical Platform

At a glance:
  • Small platform, big performance
  • The SPEEP pump uses the same principle as a peristaltic pump * to control the flow
  • easyPhaco® technology, allows a direct fragment followability and provides a strong fragment holdability
  • Multifunctional pedal
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Surgical Platform by Oertli – CataRhex3 – Making the Difference with Speep®

The CataRhex 3 surgical platform from Oertli proves that great things sometimes come in small packages. With unbeatably compact dimensions and a lightweight at just five kilograms, the phaco device CataRhex 3 is systematically focused on mobility and portability – without compromising on performance. With the new SPEEP pump and the familiar easyPhaco technology, we have developed an effective tool for simple, safe and efficient work in routine surgery.

The capsulotomy tip is used to open the capsular bag using high-frequency diathermy. There is an integrated compressor for anterior vitrectomy, and the HFDS application ensures promising long-term results for glaucoma surgery 1.

Make the difference – with the CataRhex 3 phaco machine for cataract surgery by Oertli.

Small platform, great performance

The CataRhex 3 by Oertli is a consistently compact and portable surgical platform for cataract and glaucoma surgery. The whole load of Oertli’s innovative power is hidden in an impressively small housing. The perfectly precise flow control, the powerful performance and the high user-friendliness of the CataRhex 3, make it the ideal phaco device in eye surgery – in any situation anywhere.

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