The NIDEK OCT – User Edition

4 October 2016

In a busy, modern practice, time is critical and very often, optometrists rely on their staff to conduct many diagnostic eye checks before taking the patient through for the eye examination.

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It is vital that the clinician can trust the quality of these results. This is true for OCT and with the Nidek Retina Scan DUO from Birmingham Optical, capturing high quality OCT scans and quality colour fundus images has never been easier.

Staff can easily acquire scans with the fully automated functionality of this high quality combined OCT / fundus camera.

Where scan capture is more complicated, clinicians can switch to manual capture, use Fundus Auto Fluorescence and Anterior OCT to gain more information from the patient.

With 8 posterior and 4 anterior OCT scans to chose from and an easy to use software platform, the Nidek Retina Scan DUO will add so much to your practice without needing hours of training to learn to capture scans.

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