The NIDEK OCT – Patient Edition

4 March 2017

Patients attending for eye examinations are increasingly aware of their ocular health and are often more concerned about specific eye conditions than ever before.

Where a practice has the Nidek Retina Scan DUO OCT, practitioners will be more able to reassure patients about their ocular health. Using 3D fundus camera imaging, it is also much easier for optometrists to explain conditions to patients and help them better understand what treatment might entail.

With advanced progression analysis software, optometrists will be able to monitor any change in retinal tissue over time, which could remove the need for referral for many patients where pathology is not obvious. Patients will feel more assured and confident in the professional service they are offered by their optometrist. This can only be a positive for the practice and it’s loyal customer base. There is lots of evidence to suggest that patients are more loyal to a practice that has an OCT and with the Nidek Retina Scan DUO from Birmingham Optical, all these benefits have never been so affordable.