Fundus Auto Fluorescence

The fundus autofluorescence (FAF) function is an advanced screening feature. The FAF is a non-invasive method to evaluate the RPE without contrast dye. The function is helpful for detecting early stage retinal disorders. This is an optional feature.


Anterior module

The anterior segment adapter enables observation and analyses of the anterior segment. Anterior chamber angle and corneal pachymetry measurements. This is an optional feature.

En Face

En face OCT imaging is for advanced studies of retinal pathology including factors that compromise photoreceptor function and retinal and choroidal vasculature. True en-face layer separation.


8 posterior and 4 anterior scan patterns

A wide range of scanning patterns is available to allow the practitioner to select a scan that suits the retinal region and ocular pathology.

12 x 9mm wide scan area

A 12 x 9 mm wide area image centered on the macula can be captured with the NIDEK Retina Scan Duo. The 9 x 9 mm normative database provides a color-coded map indicating distribution range of the patient’s macular thickness in a population of normal eyes.



High definition colour fundus camera

12MP true colour fundus camera producing high quality fundus images approved for Diabetic Retinal Screening. Includes colour fundus 3D overlay onto OCT map.


Ganglion cell complex assessment

The most reliable glaucoma detection.

RNFL thickness assessment

Combo scan mode for swift and accurate capture

880nm infrared laser – up to 4 micron resolution scans