The NIDEK OCT – Business Edition

4 January 2017

Opticians’ practices are businesses. This seems an obvious comment, but it’s easy to forget this when we are so involved in day to day practice and examining patients.

We have to build a practice and a loyal patient base and we need to maintain this patient base. We need to ensure we maximise revenue from each and every patient in a clinically professional manner.

There is one tried and tested way of doing this; invest in an OCT. OCT is still the hot topic in modern optometry practice and the Nidek Retina Scan DUO offers a high value, clinically excellent solution to practices large and small.

OCT adds a new professional ‘wow’ factor to a practice and patients are happy to pay for this extra service and it’s easy for them to see the added value from OCT scan images.

You can have your cake and eat it! Clinical excellence and a new revenue stream; learn how the Nidek Retina Scan DUO can pay for itself with only a few fee paying patients a day.