How NIDEK can enhance your patient experience

10 July 2017

Offer an innovative service that your patients won’t forget!

When a patient walks into their favourite Opticians, they should immediately feel a difference in the experience the practice provides. There are several common components we find that deliver this “special” feeling to patients encouraging loyalty and inspiring them to become advocates of your business. Join us as we explore how pre-test and consulting room technology enhance the customer experience:

The Pre-Screen Customer Experience

Most patients know what to expect when visiting their optician, but what if you can exceed their expectation? Comfort, accuracy and ease of use are often key aspects when it comes to choosing pre-screening technology, not forgetting the importance of clinical capabilities, which is why multiple screening devices such as the NIDEK Tonoref III are becoming more and more popular as the ultimate pre-screen solution.

With a device that offers multiple clinical capabilities in one screening patients are not only finding their experience has increased in comfort but in convenience and speed too.

A fast, accurate and reliable device will offer:

  • More time for the Optometrist to spend with the patient
  • Accurate examinations result and enhanced trust amongst patients
  • Eliminate the need to cancel eye examinations due to a breakdown

 The Consulting Room Customer Experience

For optical professionals and patients alike there is a real satisfaction in a seamless continuous enhanced experience. Providing a memorable consulting room experience is not only beneficial for patients, but also for the optical professional. Patients can spend the most time in the consulting room so comfort is crucial.

Using technology to speed up the refraction time allows the professional to spend more time discussing the patient’s specific needs or concerns. Investing in an automated phoropter allows a precise, fast and accurate refraction process. Using the latest technology such as the NIDEK RT-5100 Auto Phoropter your patient will finish their exam with increased trust and reassurance.

Designed for style, comfort and speed the NIDEK RT-5100 provides practices with many benefits such as:

  • Improved patient flow
  • Reduced testing times per patient to give Optometrists more quality time with their patients
  • Modern and stylish design

In conclusion…

It is important when choosing your next investment in technology to ask: How will it enhance the patient experience?