Getting to know Susan…Your NIDEK guru!

9 July 2017

We talk to Susan one of our company ambassadors in Ireland to find out about her passion for customer service and her love for optics…

As many may already know, we have two fantastic service engineers covering Ireland – Susan Ruddy (Service and Sales Engineer) and Emmet Murphy (Service Engineer) and we wanted to give you the chance to get to know one of our passionate and customer focused ambassadors.

A popular face amongst customers and mother of one, Susan’s all about looking after and championing her customers in both Northern and Southern Ireland. Appointed by Birmingham Optical over 10 years ago, Susan has rapidly built fantastic relationships with her customers and recently received an award for ‘Company Ambassador of the Year’ at this year’s internal awards ceremony. Susan tells us about a day with Birmingham Optical, her love for Optics and building bikes and trikes…

What made you want to start a career in engineering?

At a young age I was always interested in how things worked, I received a tape deck for Christmas one year from Santa and by the end of Christmas Day I had dismantled the tape deck to see how it worked, oh and put it back together before my mum and dad found out!

What made you want to work for Birmingham Optical?

When I qualified as an electrical engineer over 20 years ago I couldn’t find a job that ticked all the boxes, then I came upon the big world of optics and 10 years later, all the boxes are ticked and I have never been happier. I feel proud to represent such quality and outstanding brands with Birmingham Optical.

Can you describe your role?

My day to day duties are to provide my customers in the north and south of Ireland with the best customer service I can offer, dealing with all service and sales enquiries and ensuring they are looked after and kept happy. I love my job which is always is an added bonus!

What is your favourite thing about working for Birmingham Optical?

Every day is different. One day I can be fixing a piece of equipment for a customer and within the next hour sitting down discussing a customers plans for a new store or refit. The variety is fantastic and I get excited to visit my customers and build relationships on a daily basis.

And finally, what is your favourite hobby?

To be honest my hobbies all stopped three and half years ago when my beautiful son arrived. My spare time is spent playing with my son Jackson and spending quality time with him. But if I were to choose a hobby, I would go back to building trikes and bikes!

Susan regularly finds herself naturally checking in on customers on a daily basis for a quick hello and to ensure everything is running ok and loves to build relationships with customers and share expert knowledge, advice and support.