Edging can be for everybody

12 March 2018

Just imagine a world where whatever your lens edging goals or dreams, there is a solution that can make them come true. But how?

We offer many different variations of edging solutions, our portfolio of products cater for any requirement from remote edging (tracers) to full automation (robotic pick and place). But whatever your glazing choice, there are many options to achieve your vision or business model. Let us give you some examples:

I would love to glaze on site using a small glazing area

You don’t need a lot of space to carry out on-site glazing. There is a 3 in 1 device option, the NIDEK LE-700 (if you haven’t already checked this out you need to) which offers blocking, tracing and edging from one machine from only £7,995. Other edging machines are available to offer high speed/volume glazing, rimless and more and Birmingham Optical have the expertise, experience and portfolio to provide the perfect solutions bespoke to your requirements.

I already outsource my glazing to an industrial facility

Have you considered a tracing option that will automatically send your shape, frame and order details to the independent lab of choice? We have a variation of options to allow for a seamless transfer including the NIDEK LT-980 (to use with an existing PC) or the LT-1200 (which doesn’t require a PC). Another option would be to use an edging station such as the LE-700 mentioned earlier, which provides the same service but also allows for the some lenses to be glazed on site if the need occurred.

Not sure what would best suit your business and vision?  Our team and range of edging solutions (over 30 different configurations) are guaranteed to find you your perfect solution (for a lot less than you probably think). Have a quick phone consultation or arrange a visit at a time to suit you to start making your glazing dreams a reality.